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Body sculpting - what is it?

Body sculpting – what is it?

I have always been happy about my body and the way it looks…. said no one ever!!  I fully support anyone that feels the need to change their body in some way in order to feel confident and more self assured as long as it is within a healthy limit although that line can get a bit blurred too. Everyone has problem areas and for me, no matter my weight, it has always been my double chin so when I got the chance to team up with Húðfegrun I grabbed it. I have tried facial exercises ( mostly in the car on the way to or from work ) and it has been an uphill battle. I signed up for the recommended six session with Díana at Húðfegrun. She greeted me with a huge smile and all my prejudice and feeling it would be totally “superficial”  faded away completely. “Húðfegrun uses radio frequency treatment to attack the fat layer of the skin causing the fat cells to evaporate” explains Díana. “The fat cells will be cleared naturally through the bodies lymphatic channels and it is totally risk free.” The fat cells will be gone forever but that doesn’t mean you have a free pass for the rest of your life. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So what does it feel like? Díana puts a lotion on the area and uses a machine ( see picture ) on the area. It feels warm and comfy, imagine having a heating pad on your face, after that Díana adds a skin tightening treatment to further add to the effects of the treatment.  The procedure only takes around 20-30 minutes and thats it. I came back every two weeks and I had six treatments in total. To be fair I…

Skincare: Clinique Redness Solutions Review

Skincare: Clinique Redness Solutions Review

I have told you before about my very sensitive skin. I cannot use just any product, my skin brakes out in hives and turns all red whenever I use products that don´t suit my skin type.  Recently I have also noticed that I have developed rosacea , basically red patches on my face… GREAT!!! Well a friend told me about the Clinique Redness Solutions line and I was very keen to try it out. I have been using the products for little over a week now and I can already see a HUGE difference. I am going to take you through the products that I have been using. Every evening I start by cleansing my face with the Soothing Cleanser. Actually I had to get used to the routine as I admit I can get quite lazy when it comes taking my makeup off in the evening … I know I know , not a good thing especially when it comes to sensitive skin. This cleanser is really smooth and gentle on the skin, I don´t wear waterproof mascara so this cleanser removes all my makeup with ease,  but if you do, you might need to use a special eye-makeup remover. Next I apply the moisturizer. My skin absolutely loves this moisturizer, it drinks in all the moisture and is something that I highly recommend both for summer and winter, it doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all. I apply it both evening and morning.  If I have time, I like to let the moisturizer dry into the skin just a little, before I apply my primer. The primer has a green tint to it set out to correct the color of the skin and smooth it all out, giving it a nice finish. I must admit, I had a…

My - Paulas Choice Sensitive Skincare - Routine

My – Paulas Choice Sensitive Skincare – Routine

This review is brought to you in collaboration with Tigerlily.is   I have always had very sensitive skin, especially when the weather starts getting colder. I have a really hard time using just any product and that goes for makeup too. Recently my skin went bananas , I had hives and dry patches all over my face ( not pretty – so no pictures – sorry guys ). It came to the point where I had to stop using any makeup or beauty products all together ( except for a basic moisturizer) and went full Alicia Keys. Luckily I bumped into Linda from Tigerlily.is and she suggested to me the Paula´s Choice CALM Redness Relief products, to try out. The aim of this line is to soothe irritation and redness with a special formula for both dry and oily skin types.  I have usually managed to keep any redness and skin irritation down to a minimum but I was now feeling helpless and so I was excited to try this out. I tried three products from the CALM line: The Calm Redness Relief Cleanser – Calm Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant  and Calm Redness Relief Moisturizer  My Routine:  Calm Redness Relief Cleanser, morning and night. The lightweight gel cleanser removes my makeup in a gentle way and soothes my irritated and red skin. I am really pleased with this cleanser! It is unbelievable gentle while effectively removing makeup, around the eyes as well without irritation – what a find!!  I was using coconut oil to clean my skin but it felt too oily and didn’t manage to remove my mascara completely. The refreshing gel texture feels soothing and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or tight.     Calm Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant, I use the exfoilant every other day….