Body sculpting - what is it?

Body sculpting – what is it?

I have always been happy about my body and the way it looks…. said no one ever!!  I fully support anyone that feels the need to change their body in some way in order to feel confident and more self assured as long as it is within a healthy limit although that line can get a bit blurred too. Everyone has problem areas and for me, no matter my weight, it has always been my double chin so when I got the chance to team up with Húðfegrun I grabbed it. I have tried facial exercises ( mostly in the car on the way to or from work ) and it has been an uphill battle. I signed up for the recommended six session with Díana at Húðfegrun. She greeted me with a huge smile and all my prejudice and feeling it would be totally “superficial”  faded away completely. “Húðfegrun uses radio frequency treatment to attack the fat layer of the skin causing the fat cells to evaporate” explains Díana. “The fat cells will be cleared naturally through the bodies lymphatic channels and it is totally risk free.” The fat cells will be gone forever but that doesn’t mean you have a free pass for the rest of your life. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So what does it feel like? Díana puts a lotion on the area and uses a machine ( see picture ) on the area. It feels warm and comfy, imagine having a heating pad on your face, after that Díana adds a skin tightening treatment to further add to the effects of the treatment.  The procedure only takes around 20-30 minutes and thats it. I came back every two weeks and I had six treatments in total. To be fair I…

Secret Solstice - what a ride

Secret Solstice – what a ride

I am still recuperating after four days of partying at Secret Solstice. With a wide range of artists like Bonnie Tyler, Slayer, Stormzy and Clean Bandit performing, you could easily find the type of music to fit every mood. We met some amazing people on our first day there from Holland, Argentina and Ireland who quickly became our festival buddies. Here are some pictures from the festival that caught the mood perfectly. Please check out our Instagram for street style pictures: reykjavikfashion.  Love,

Secret Solstice - Eco Friendly Festival

Secret Solstice – Eco Friendly Festival

Secret Solstice is coming up in a little over a week and they intend to run entirely on geothermal energy sources and enacting on a total plastic straw ban on site – how amazing. I have already started preparing my outfits with some help from Lindex and 66North and I am going to show you what I will be wearing.     This is all for now, only 1 DAY TO GO !! I am so excited. Don´t forget to follow us on Instagram: reykjavikfashion. Love, This post is in cooperation with Secret Solstice, 66 North and Lindex.

Get your beauty sleep

Get your beauty sleep

The skies are still grey here in Iceland. I find that my energy levels are not as high when the wind blows and the skies are dark. So, I thought I would share some tips with you, things that I am trying at the moment in order to get a good nights sleep and maintaining my energy throughout the day. Take a warm bath. Try and relax, put on some meditation podcasts and perhaps throw some lavender oil in the tub or even on your pillow if you do not have time to take a bath. Even just a few moments of meditation can do wonders. Make a nice cup of tea ( coffeine free ) and think about how your day went and the positive things that happened. Take a few deep breaths and think about how you are going to tackle tomorrows tasks. I have been trying to do some mediation exercises and I feel like they help with the stress and fatigue. Some days are better than others  of course but if I manage to get up early in the mornings, have my coffee and listen to the news, I feel like it gives me less stress throughout the day. Be kind to yourselves and others and do not forget to follow us on Instagram HERE!  love

Street Style Trends that are taking over this Summer

Street Style Trends that are taking over this Summer

For those of us who live in Reykjavik we haven´t noticed much of a summer or even spring just yet. I am however sure that our time will come and hopefully soon as I am pretty tired of the rain and grey skies. Looking into my not too distant fashion future, I decided to give you guys some inspiration and look into what I am planning on wearing this summer. Here are my inpso picks 🙂     I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting a Summer Beeuty post soon 🙂 Dont forget to follow us on Instagram : reykjavikfashion Love xxx

Crowns Tiaras and stunning head pieces at  Met Gala

Crowns Tiaras and stunning head pieces at Met Gala

The yearly Met Gala was held last night and one can safely say that there was an obvious theme among stunningly dressed attendees. Tiaras, halos and various creative head pieces. What I wouldn´t give to just get to wear one of those dresses for just one day. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Have a great week you guys and dont forget to follow us on instagram: reykjavikfashion  

Force of Pure Nature - Dark

Force of Pure Nature – Dark

I have known Ásgeir and Begga, who run MASK Academy, for a while now and I am always in awe of their amazing work.  From doing Hair and Makeup for artists such as Svala and Ragga Gísla over to creating another world by doing hair and makeup for EVE Fanfest held at Harpa every year and believe you me that is just the tip of the iceberg. I got really excited when Ásgeir told me a while back that they were developing a Sea Breeze mist under the brand name “FORCE OF PURE NATURE-DARK”  and I was so eager  to try it when he finally told me it was on the market. Here are some pictures from the launch party for the mist: See what I mean by talent and creating another world? The face mist is purely derived from Icelandic nature and for me that gives the product such an advantage. It screams purity and freshness, Icelandic mythology and mystery. The face mist manages to convey the message perfectly. The packaging is pretty cool too, dark and mysterious 🙂   I have been using the mist for a couple of weeks now and I can really say that I am pretty hooked especially on those mornings when I feel extra tired. The spray is available at the duty free as well as the store at Mask Makeup Academy. Hope you are having a wonderful day and dont forget to follow us on Instagram: reykjavikfashion Love,  

Scandinavian Summer

Scandinavian Summer

Hey you guys, sorry for being dormant for such a long time. I got swamped at work but I am back on track. I don´t know about you but I am totally getting into the summer mood and with a new season must come a new hairstyle. I didn´t go as far as cutting into a short bob like Kim Kardashian but I decided to go with Scandinavian and color my hair a little blond and sun kissed.  Here are my inspirational pics. What color are you going to go for this summer? Love

Sonar in Spiceland

Sonar in Spiceland

Sonar was held in Reykjavik last weekend and I feel like the city is still buzzing.  Set in Harpa a venue that offered four different rooms or stages if you will, with vastly different genres to fit every mood and desire. I had a group of friends over from Denmark and we decided to stick to the electro scene. Friday was amazing. A huge highlight was Gus Gus ( NEVER to be missed ) they just seem to be so on it. I have often wondered why they haven´t explored the international market more, perhaps they don´t feel the need to but no doubt they would be huge. Arabian Horse is one of my favorites!!   Lindstrøm was a treat as always as well as the Icelandic, LA based Blissful and the girl band Cyper. The night was coming to an end but not before we could dance to the beats of Danny Brown. He was the surprise of the evening for me, a dark horse if you will. I hadn’t really heard of him before and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend you check him out if you are into rap and hip hop.     Saturday started out with a trip to the local swimming pool (Vesturbæjarlaug) , or more like a nature spa one of my friends commented. After sitting in the Jacuzzi for probably way too long, we ended the “spa” trip with the sauna, feeling as fresh as ever and ready for round two at Sonar. Ben Frost was the first on our list and after him came the cream of the crop, non other than Underworld. Boy how we danced, laughed and got excited when the concert came to a crescendo with the song from Trainspotting “Born Slippy”. I still have sore muscles…