Sonar in Spiceland

Sonar in Spiceland

Sonar was held in Reykjavik last weekend and I feel like the city is still buzzing.  Set in Harpa a venue that offered four different rooms or stages if you will, with vastly different genres to fit every mood and desire.

I had a group of friends over from Denmark and we decided to stick to the electro scene. Friday was amazing. A huge highlight was Gus Gus ( NEVER to be missed ) they just seem to be so on it. I have often wondered why they haven´t explored the international market more, perhaps they don´t feel the need to but no doubt they would be huge. Arabian Horse is one of my favorites!!


Lindstrøm was a treat as always as well as the Icelandic, LA based Blissful and the girl band Cyper.

The night was coming to an end but not before we could dance to the beats of Danny Brown. He was the surprise of the evening for me, a dark horse if you will. I hadn’t really heard of him before and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend you check him out if you are into rap and hip hop.



Saturday started out with a trip to the local swimming pool (Vesturbæjarlaug) , or more like a nature spa one of my friends commented. After sitting in the Jacuzzi for probably way too long, we ended the “spa” trip with the sauna, feeling as fresh as ever and ready for round two at Sonar.

Ben Frost was the first on our list and after him came the cream of the crop, non other than Underworld. Boy how we danced, laughed and got excited when the concert came to a crescendo with the song from Trainspotting “Born Slippy”. I still have sore muscles from all the dancing. The rest of the night was spent dancing until four at the Sonar Lab stage, grabbing a cheesy burger on the way home.



I had such a great time, and I can´t wait until next year.




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