Christmas gift ideas !!

Christmas gift ideas !!

Christmas is almost here it is crazy – there are only two weeks left of 2017 can you believe it?  This year was a crazy one and I am still trying to reflect on everything that went on, what I am thankful for and what I can do better. I will write a post about it soon.

I got all the Christmas presents early this year which is defiantly something that I am going to try and do in the future. This December has been relaxing and stress-free and I have just been enjoying spending time with my family and friends and keeping up with Christmas traditions here and there.

For those of you that still have a little way to go – I made a list for you to draw some inspiration from.

Soru Bracelet, Available at Hlín Reykdal.

Dermacol Make Up CoverAvailable at Deisymakeup.

YVSL Makeup Pallette, Available at Hagkaup

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick, Available at Hagkaup

Blue Lagoon Silica Body Scrub, Available at Blue Lagoon.

Wilderness Candle and Room Spray, Available at Snuran.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Available at Hagkaup.

Klong Flower Vase, Available at Winston Living.

Pyro Pet Dýri, Available at Hrim

Blue Lagoon Hydrating Cream, Available at Blue Lagoon.

Jacco Paris Earrings, Available at Stefánsbúð.


Merry Christmas everyone – and thank you for reading my posts and being so supportive.