My Christmas Traditions

My Christmas Traditions

December is here and we are officially allowed to blast Christmas Songs ( although some of us have been listening for awhile now ), decorate our homes and get well into the Christmas spirit.

I have made a list of some of my Christmas traditions and events that are happening around Reykjavik this December.

  1. The skating rink at Ingólfstorg , opens tomorrow. Its a great way to spend time with friends and family while falling on your ass and laughing like crazy.
  2. I always enjoy checking out Christmas markets. There is one on the 2nd of December at the Nordic House, you are bound to find something interesting there.
  3. Throughout December, Kex will be hosting a range of Christmas gigs. Free entry and is and a good way to get you into the Christmas mood.
  4. One of my favorite events is the lighting of the Christmas tree. The Oslo tree will be lit at Austurvöllur on the 3rd of December at 16.00. The red cross will be selling coffee and hot chocolate and I can promise a sparkling atmosphere.
  5. After the lighting of the tree, you can walk over to the rooftop at Petersen Svitan, and check out the Christmas market there – its open until 20.00
  6. Each year I snuggle up on the sofa with buffet ( the dog ) and we watch Nightmare before Christmas, don´t be fooled by the title if you haven’t seen it. It is a beautiful animated fantasy film by Tim Burton. It is a must.
  7. Drink Mulled wine – here is the recipe I use:

Makes about 12 servings

2 oranges
1 lemon, peel only
5 cloves, plus extra for garnish
5 cardamom pods, bruised
1 cinnamon stick
A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg
2 bottles of fruity, unoaked red wine

1. Peel and juice 1 orange, and add to a large saucepan along with the lemon peel and spices. Add enough wine to just cover the sugar, and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, stirring occasionally. Bring to the boil and cook for 5 – 8 minutes until you have a thick syrup.

2. Turn the heat down, and pour the rest of the wine into the saucepan. Gently heat through and serve with the orange segments as a garnish.

These are just a few things I like to do early December.  What are your traditions?

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