Join us – Slutwalk 2017

Join us - Slutwalk 2017

The Slut Walk will be held for the seventh time tomorrow with over a thousand people participating in solidarity for victims of sexual assault.  The slut walk is an international movement where the main goal is to call for an end of rape culture, victim blaming and slut shaming.

Some people dress “slutty” for this walk , others wear statement t-shirts. The point is that you should be able to dress however you want – whenever you want!! Nobody wants to be raped, no one is asking for it – however you choose to dress is not an invitation to be assaulted in any way.  I urge for everyone to take part in this important movement support this cause and stand by the victims by showing zero tolerance towards slut shaming and sexual abuse.

The Slut Walk starts at 14.00 pm going from Hallgrímskirkja down to Skólavörðustígur towards Austurvöllur. I hope to see you there marching in your sluttiest outfit ( or whatever you fancy wearing ) !!

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