My Seven Day Challenge

My Seven Day Challenge


I decided to push myself a little bit, I wanted to try and challenge myself by doing new things everyday. So I set myself a seven-day-challenge. Nothing radical but I will definitely take somethings with me and try to create some healthy habits.


I wanted to start the week out by doing a little exercise, and believe me I am way way out of shape. A friend of mine was up for being my running partner and we decided to run 3 km around the Laugardalur area. She was so patient with my as I had to stop and walk A LOT during our workout.  Doing some kind of an exercise is good for the brain, it stimulates you and gives you energy it also boosts your self-confidence. You don´t have to go running or do anything major, just by taking the steps instead of the elevator each day , can do wonders.

Being creative can sometimes be hard and believe me  I know, so Tuesday was all about creating something new. I had been wanting to learn how to use a sewing machine and I decided to go for it. It is OK to start out small, I had a pair of leggings that I wanted to fix, hole in the crouch is not a good look. Next time I will challenge myself to a bigger project.

Weather you are a creative writer, musician , have acting skills or none of the above, it can be good to challenge yourself a bit in the creative area. Some people like to write down their thoughts , for me , my creative outlet is my piano. I can sometimes forget all about the time when I start playing. When I play I feel like I can let go of all negative thoughts and just unwind. The problem is that I don´t give myself enough time to play music, I keep forgetting in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wednesday was the day for music for me, and I ended up playing for almost 3 hours and it felt great.

Everyone is always on their phone – have you noticed ? I am the worst, I went to visit my grandfather the other day, had a coffee and sat down with him. He is not much of a talker and as soon as there was a pause in the conversation I brought up my phone. I didn´t even realize it until I was walking to my car. I decided to take one WHOLE day, and YES that one was a challenge, without touching my phone, I actually started reading a book that I have been meaning to get into. The only struggle I had was my Instagram account, – I like to post at least two posts a day. I solved it by using a schedule app that automatically posts your pre-prepared posts and you know what – it worked wonders and nobody seemed to miss having me online at all times 🙂

Friday was all about noticing the little things, I went to a hen do and had a blast. I decided to try and notice the small things, the way the hen smiled and how her face lit up being so happy to be surrounded by all her best friends. Sometimes we go through the day without really realizing our surroundings, sometimes feeling numb or even distant.

I have a friend who is really good at pushing me to do things, weather it be salsa dancing, yoga, running or just going out for lunch. I went running on Monday and it made me feel so good. Pop Up Yoga was founded four years ago and aimed to bring Yoga to the people. Basically there they have free yoga classes around parks in Reykjavik where anyone can join in. I for one have NO experience but my friend dragged me out for a class and I loved it. That is defiantly something that I will be attending more of this summer. You can see their Facebook page here.


If I learned anything from the yoga class it was to try meditation. I am not saying you need to sit and stare at the wall for an hour , but for just ten minutes sit in the lotus position, control your breathing and unwind. I even put on a face-mask which I never seem to have “time” to do and had it on while mediating. It made me feel really good and set a good tone for the week. If you dont feel like meditating you can also to lie down on the sofa and listening to your favourite podcast. I am really into Masters of Scale at the moment, check it out here.


I really enjoyed challenging myself this week. As you see , I didn’t do any radical changes but you’d be surprised as how small changes can go a long way and I noticed that all the activities were about nurturing my mind and body and I feel like it worked. I will be taking some of the things with me, like the meditation and yoga. I am not so sure that running is for me – or at least I would have to work up my stamina to a much much higher level in order to actually enjoy running 🙂

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Have a lovely one 🙂