That´s what friends are for!

That´s what friends are for!

I had a good friend from Denmark visit me early this summer. We had a blast together, went to Secret Solstice music festival , reminisced and laughed A LOT !!

I have been really lucky in life, had the chance to live abroad both in Denmark and the UK for the most part of my teens and early twenties. I met many people, some of them are still my friends today others I keep in my memory bank- we just somehow drifted away.  Friends are like snowflakes – if you pee on them they disappear. TRUE , yes it is true 🙂

A friendship is something that needs nourishment, it is a two way street. I have never had to “brake up” with a friend, some people come into your life when you need them and then they go away just as quickly as they appeared.

Friendships can also be poisonous , drag you down. You might not even notice it at times – you might feel bad about yourself and you either draw people towards you who are in the same way or you might drawn to people who also are having a bad moment. I think we all go through bad times and good – thats only normal. The hard bit is to recognize what steps to take when you do.

I was having a hard time doing Reykjavik Fashion and Design, I didn’t feel supported and almost felt like it was a waste of time. My danish friend helped me, gave me a good pep talk, a pad on the back when I needed it – but was also the one who said ” Björg, get back on the horse – move forward – I believe in you. ” It gave me energy, strengthened me and gave me confidence.

The bottom line – surround yourself with good people, people who understand you but also are driven in their own lives. After all supporting and helping each other doesn’t cost a thing 🙂

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Have a good weekend lovlies and take care of each other 🙂