Hoodie Fever – our top picks of Icelandic Hoodies

Hoodie Fever - our top picks of Icelandic Hoodies

The hoodie has been around for ages – I was a hoodie fanatic when I was a teenager and last year the hoodie made a strong re-entrance and will still be going on strong this year. Everyone and anyone can wear the hoodie – Mark Zuckerberg wears the hoodie , Gandalf wore some sort of a hoodie version in Lord of the Rings and now all the blog stars are wearing them too. This ghetto like fashion trend has so many perks to it, you can wear the hoodie with heels if you are going out on a Friday night or tone it down with sneakers for everyday wear. I love how the hoodie trend seems to fit really well with the Icelandic weather- perfect to keep us warm and snug ( its summer I know , but the heat wave that is raging on in Europe has not reached us yet ).

I wanted to write this blog post about Icelandic hoodie designs, there are so many Icelandic brands that are doing their own hoodies, from an independent artists producing their own hoodies, to a hostel all the way back to a clothing brand. I wanted to show you some of the newest hoodies that I have come across and how to wear this stylish yet comfortable trend.

66North: was  founded in 1926 so it is root grown Icelandic company. 66 North specializes in making quality clothing and basically all you can ever need to face every kind of weather -that´s especially good if you live in Iceland. I have a lot of stuff from 66 North and believe me when I say that everything I own from there, lasts for absolutely EVER. This hoodie was seen everywhere at Secret Solstice this summer and we love it too.

Sylvia Lovetank: Sylvía is an artist and a costume designer and I love following her on social media. She always has something Interesting up her sleeve. She recently launched this cool hoodie and as you can see it is easy to dress the hoodie up with nice pairs of heels. You can follow her on facebook and Instagram.

Döðlur: – oh how do I explain Döðlur? Well it is a creative company who do campaigns for big brands here in Iceland. The name Döðlur actually means dates but funnily enough the name came when the founders mixed their first names together- Pretty Cool !!! The creative team from Döðlur just launched a clothing line. I love all their outfits, and if you want to grab a hoodie or a anything from their newly launched line just swing by Akkurat.

Oddsson: is actually a ho(s)tel decorated and designed by Döðlurs very own Daníel Atlasson. The have rooms to suit every price range AND they have a karaoke room, its brilliant Now they too are jumping onto the hoodie train. They haven´t gone into mass production yet but you can keep your eyes on their Facebook page and get one as soon as they do.

Ellingsen: is another root grown Icelandic outwear company , founded in 1916.  It is also one of the largest retailer that specializes in outwear. They recently came out with their very own clothing line that consists of an amazing blanket, sweaters and this hoodie available in many colors.

Thats all folks , I really enjoyed researching and working on this post and I hope to see more Icelandic designers, artists and companies join in on the hoodie trend.

pssst…. we might see a Reykjavik Fashion hoodie coming soon but in the meanwhile here are some street style pictures for you to draw inspiration from!!!!