A luxury VIP Treatment – Tried and Tested

A luxury VIP Treatment - Tried and Tested

This post is in cooperation with VOR Organics

I got invited by VOR Organics,  for a luxury VIP treatment at the Bjútík beauty salon. I had never had the experience of a facial or anything like that before so I was intrigued and excited to see what the whole process of that would be like.  When I walked in I was greeted by Svava who escorted me to a room with  lit candles and calming music. There she told me to get comfortable on the bench and call out to her when I was ready.

I must admit I wasn’t sure about the protocol but Svava talked me through everything in her calm and easy going manner. She started by face mapping my skin, basically examining my skin in order to determine my skin type. The products used for the treatment are all from VOR Organics and are exclusively organic , paraben and perfume free. They are made from Icelandic substances such as seaweed,  blueberries and Icelandic water. These are the products she used: A luxurious mask , Lavender massage lotion, Seaweed cleansing milk, Seaweed facial toner, Exfoliant with AHA acids , Blueberry serum, Day Cream for dry skin with Icelandic blueberries, peptide eye cream and the lip balm.


Svava ended her examination of my skin by asking me a few questions about my skin and then proceeded with the treatment starting by massaging my shoulders and scalp. At one point she seemed to have eight hands as her hands continuously massaged my face and shoulders. She cleaned my face ( it is fine to go in with your makeup on ) and then left me with the first mask, a scrub mask. She put the mask on my face and covered me in a warm cuddly towel and then left me for approx 30 minutes. I loved the warm cuddly feeling and it gave me time to relax and think about my day and plans for the week. Honestly I am not very good at just sitting and relaxing as I need to be on the go at all times, so this was a good exercise for me. When she came back she cleaned my face and massaged me some more and then left me with a hydration mask for the same amount of time.

The Final Verdict

I felt really good after the treatment but a bit tired I must admit – you should really not operate heavy machinery or have something very active planned after a treatment like this. I think it is because your body releases tension and you feel really relaxed. Also I recommend that you ask all the questions you have at the start of the session right after the facial mapping-  by the end of the treatment I got to be so relaxed and a little wonky after all the massage that I couldn’t really think of any questions for Svava.  Before I left, Svava gave me her homemade bath-salt (me and my boyfriend love it) she sells it at the salon.

Svava is the only one at Bjútík that does this treatment and she swears by the VOR Organics products. I myself have been using the blueberry serum and I love it, suits my skin really well. I also use the night cream but I don´t need to use it more than 2-3 times a week because it hydrates my skin really well, I probably will be using it more often during winter though when my skin really dries up.

The treatment lasted little over two and a half hours but time flew by.  I would recommend this treatment to everyone and anyone. In fact I was so impressed by this treatment that I booked a slot for both my sister and my mother just because I really felt like they deserved it, both having really busy lives.

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