What are you wearing for Secret Solstice ?

What are you wearing for Secret Solstice ?

Secret Solstice is upon us and some of you might be wondering what to wear. I am constantly pushing the refresh button on the weather forecast website but unfortunately the rain cloud for both Friday and Saturday are there to stay.  But don´t fret – this just gives us more of a Glastonbury feeling.

Thankfully there are ways to dress up , wear a colorful raincoat , boots and still look cool. The key items in my opinion are cool boots and preferably a bright yellow or army green raincoat, hat, cap or a funky bandana, a fanny pack or a cute little bag. Don´t be afraid to put on some creative festival makeup and remember a good lipstick can go a long way. I found a few items at local stores around Reykjavik to get you all prepped and ready to go!!

  1. Bandana : Geysir – 5.800 kr
  2. Canon Camera: Costco – Prices may vary
  3. Lipstick: Mac
  4. Crossover Bag: Zara – 5.995 kr
  5. Raincoat: 66 North– 19.000 kr
  6. Foo Fighters Hoodie: Spúútnik – selection and prices may vary
  7. Sunglasses: Húrra Reykjavík – 7.990 kr
  8. Chanel perfume travel kit: Hagkaup – 18.299 kr
  9. Hunters Rain-boots: Geysir – 23.800 kr

And I pinterested some festival pictures for you to draw inspiration from !!!




I pinterested some ideas for you to use as inspiration.