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Current Mood

Current Mood

Tull is often worn as a costume or most common under a skirt but Carrie Bradshaw was the one that introduced me to the new way of wearing Tulle. This statement item for me is something that never goes out of style. I am currently trying to find a skirt to wear to a big party this weekend and I have been searching high and low in shops around Reykjavik. Do you know of any places?    

Unique - we visit Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

Unique – we visit Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

  Áslaug Magnúsdóttir has for the past 19 years lived abroad, in the UK and the US. In New York she runs the luxury lifestyle company ´John Brevard´ with the architect and designer John Brevard and that is where she lives most part of the year. Áslaug bought an apartment in Reykjavík three years ago where she lives when staying in Iceland. She and John Brevard changed the modern apartment into something unique. The apartment is white and black and the artwork gives the dot over the i when it comes to other colors. We thought we should share sone photos from the shoot we did with Áslaug. To see more , pick up a copy of your latest issue.                               Áslaug’s apartment in Reykjavík is like a work of art – or even like a piece of jewelry made of white gold and black diamonds. The article first appeared in Reykjavik Fashion and Deisgn / Spring issue. Photos by: Neil John Smith

Eurovision Song Contest                                      -                              The Semi Finals!

Eurovision Song Contest – The Semi Finals!

The first – semi final is upon us !! Svala is busy preparing in Kiev and our sources say that she is resting her voice in order to be completely ready for tonight’s show. Svala will the contestant number thirteen on stage and she is up against pretty strong contestants. I have full faith in our Svala and we support her all the way!! I absolutely love this acoustic version of Paper – check it:       We were lucky enough to catch up with her before she left for Kiev and get her to pose for our newest cover , here are some of the questions we asked her : Ok, well we are a fashion magazine, so let’s talk style. How would you describe your personal style? I love fashion so much. I am buying stuff constantly! I am always looking for new clothes. Well, I have my own clothing line so I wear that stuff obviously. I also make a lot of my own clothes.  I’m definitely not a designer snob. I mean if it’s Gucci it’s great but it’s just a random vintage piece, that’s good too. I like to mix things. High end stuff with street-wear. Non-label with name brands. Right now I’m decked out in Adidas but tomorrow I might be only wearing vintage. I guess it depends on my mood. In terms of brands, I love Balmain. I mean I can’t afford it unless it’s the H&M collection or something but I absolutely love them. I’m also a big fan of Alexander Wang and Givenchy. DKNY has a 90s sportswear look that I’m really into right now as well. But in terms of stuff I buy normally: ASOS, Dolls kill, Nastygal, Wildfox, UNIF. Oh, and I love the Yeezy stuff! Right now there’s this…