Reykjavík Fashion and Design Cocktail

Reykjavík Fashion and Design Cocktail


Leó Ólafsson is an Icelandic competitive bartender. His latest success was securing the 2nd place at the Reykjavík Cocktail Weekend competition held last month. Last year he won 1st place in the World Class Iceland Grand mariner competition.

To mark Reykjavík Fashion and Design’s one year anniversary this March, we asked Leó to design a custom RFD cocktail for us. He gladly obliged and whipped up a gorgeous pink flowery cocktail that oozes fashion and glamour.

We sat down with Leó and asked him a few questions.

How long have you been bartending and what do you love about it?

I’ve been bartending for 4 or 5 years now. I started first as a low key server working nights and party hours. Those were long shifts that lasted until the early morning.Today, however, I am working normal restaurant hours at The Food Cellar and I am  enjoying that much more. Now there is more time to make great and complex cocktails instead of just the regular gin and tonic and mojitos which, of course are great in taste, but lack my own personal touch.  I love meeting new people every day and watching as they get a drink in their hand. The excitement, admiration and the nod of a approval after tasting a great drink for the first time is why I love my job!

What is your favorite cocktail to mix?

Whiskey sours, Gimlets and Negronis.

Define the “perfect” cocktail?

A perfect cocktail for me is a balanced one. I like to have a balance between, salt, umami, sweetness, sourness and bitterness, all with my personal spin on it. We all love the classics and know how they work, but I like to make my guests feel special by putting my whole heart into what I am making with personal twists as well as being a pioneer and creating something completely new.

What is the most unusual drink request you have had?

Manhattan on the rocks. I have also been asked to make a cocktail that I know very well how to make – they tell me it’s wrong and start quoting the ingredients for a another cocktail completely.

What is your favorite bar in Reykjavík?

No favorite – I know many of the bartenders downtown and it is always a pleasure to meet them and try their different spins on a cocktail. Each experience is a special one and so it is hard to have a favorite or make up between them.

What was your inspiration for the (Reykjavík Fashion and Design) cocktail?

Pink, photo shoot, berries and fashion!  There is so much glamour around fashion, why not have one good pink model cocktail to cool down and enjoy the photo shoot!


RFD Cocktail


2cl Eimir vodka
3cl Tommasi viticoltori valpolicella “Ripasso” – Red wine
1cl urta crowberry syrup
2cl lime safi
4cl R B’n’B water*
Filled with sparkling water
Method: Build and stirred
Ice: Ice cubes and crushed ice
Garnish : Pink rose, wood stick (to stir) and rose leaves
Glass : Tin mug

R B’n’B water:

60gr raspberries
60gr blueberries
60gr blackberries
400gr water

Method :

Put everything into a blender, then when it gets to be like a smoothie, filter it to get the seeds out.




Photos by Ólöf Rún Sigurðardóttir , you can follow her work on her facebook page

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Article first appeared in March-April issue