Pink or Pastel hair ? This is my story

Pink or Pastel hair ? This is my story

I did a post a few weeks back about how I wanted to drastically change my hair. I have always either colored my hair blonde or, like for the past few years, just let the blonde grow out and had it sort of an ombre color. Fríða and Sóley from Reaglo ehf, were kind enough to agree to do some experiments on my hair , since  I had NO idea where to begin.

Both girls are professional colorists so I felt really comfortable in their hands. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture but they bleached my hair and then colored it full pink.














I went again a few days later. Sonar Reykjavík ( music festival ) was approaching and now I had blood on my tongue. This time we decided to go more pastel and I remembered to take step. 1 and step 2 pictures.

Step 1: The girls bleached my hair again, you can still see a bit of pink in it.


Step 2: This time we did a more violet pink, color.

























I am over the moon with the end result. It took me a couple of days to get used to looking at myself in the mirror and for the first days I felt like people were staring at my whenever I was out ( they probably were). I recommend trying something different.

The girls from Regalo also gave me this shampoo from Maria Nila, that I highly recommend. It has been a few weeks now but the color still keeps really well.

Thank you so much Fríða and Sóley!!! The girls are always up to some crazy shenanigans and so if you want to follow the latest hair-trends, make sure to follow them on:

Snapchat: regalofagmenn