Reykjavík Holiday: 4 Things You Cannot Miss

Reykjavík Holiday: 4 Things You Cannot Miss

Christmas is massive in Iceland and with so many events going on, it can be difficult to pick what to venture out into the cold for. Don’t fear though! Here are RFD’s 4 events not to miss this Christmas season.

4. Gumgumclan JólaHó at Prikið

Alvia Islandia is bringing her GumGumClan for a JólaHó celebration at Prikið on December 16th. We at RFD love Alvia Islandia. Her newest CD BubbleGumBitch is currently on repeat in the office and we’re still obsessed with her killer style. If that wasn’t good enough, we at RFD are also all about bringing our JólaHó (Christmas-Hoe) side out from under the mistletoe. Hey, it only happens once a year? When else are we supposed to wear red and white fur? So come on December 16th and catch us on the dance floor dressed as sexy Yule Lads.

Check out her newest song with KSF here and check out the Facebook event here.

PS: Free Hubba Bubba! 😉

Show is at 21:30 on December 16th at Prikið.

alvia islendia

3. “Useless” by Alvara Opening 

Get ready to get all your gifts in one place! Alvara’s new project “Useless” goes from street fashion to corporate wear and get this: it is made entirely of reindeer byproducts like skin, antlers and fur. Reindeer are not endemic to Iceland but are hunted in order to keep the population down and sustainable for the country so there’s no reason to feel bad about this project at all. Alvara has found a way to use the byproducts in a eco but chic way, presenting a line of both clothing and accessories. This is a collection you definitely don’t want to miss because as we all know, fur is the weapon of any stylish girl in Reykjavík. You’ll definitely see us there!

(Maybe buy something else for your vegan friends though 😉 )

Check out the Facebook event here.

Opening is at 20:00 on December 16th at Fiskislóð 53. 

2. Gingerbread Exhibition at the Nordic House

The Reykjavík real estate market is killer right now. Prices go up while standards go down. Doesn’t it feel like everything is an AirBnB or guesthouse? We know, but don’t worry: there is one place we’re sure you can afford and we promise it’ll taste a lot sweeter than any house in Garðabær. The Nordic House is hosting a gingerbread-making-extravaganza and it’s the perfect place to let out all your domestic frustrations. Goop it up with a classy loft or go full on Hansel & Gretel with a proper Christmas palace. Make your masterpiece and you might just win a prize. But don’t worry, even if you don’t want to build you can still walk around and enjoy the cinnamon smell. This is the perfect place to babysit your nieces and nephews.

Check out the event here.

The exhibit is open 9:00-17:00 on weekdays and 11:00-17:00 on weekends until December 20th. Free entry!

ice skating

1. Ice Skating at Ingólfstorg Square

Bring your lover or your Mother or your lover’s Mother for a romantic or friendly skate around Ingólfstorg. Reminisce about late nights at Mandi, that burger you had at Sæta Svínið, or the myriad of other sites you can see in the square. There’s nothing more Reykjavík than Ingólfstorg, and this is the only time of the year that you can potentially fall and break your leg on it (unless you’re a skateboarder, that is).

But for real, ice skating is so much fun and the best way to spend the few hours of daylight Reykjavík has right now. You will not regret stretching your legs and bringing out the Tonya Harding in you.

Ice skating is available from 12:00 – 22:00 until January 1st.

santa slay

Merry Christmas from all of us at RFD!


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