What is on Netflix in December you ask!?!

What is on Netflix in December you ask!?!

I am still getting over my binge watching of Gilmore Girls this weekend and getting back to reality.  It can be a little difficult to rip yourself away from the town of “pleasantville” where the biggest problem the Gilmore Girls face is if they are out of coffee (I can relate to that).

I wanted to go over some of the shows and films coming to Netflix in December that I am excited about:

  1. Blue Jay (Film) : I watched this film a few months back and I absolutely loved it. I can admit that I have a small crush on Mark Duplass ever since I saw him in Your Sisters Sister ( some might know him from The League ).
  2. Trollhunters (TV): “A teenage boy discovers a war being waged between two groups of trolls underneath his hometown and sets off on an adventure after finding a mystic amulet.” Why not?
  3. The Eighties (TV) : Its a news series covering the top news and events from the 80´s and since I was born in the 80´s I am kindof curious.
  4. Versailles (TV): All about Louis XIV and how he went about building the most extraordinary castle in the world.
  5. Barry (Film): This film follows a young Barack Obama as he moves to New York City to attend Columbia University and where it all started. (….please dont leave us… )

This is just a small excerpt of what to come to NF in December and I will post a Christmas themed list here soon!