Favourites: for the neat freak

Favourites: for the neat freak

If you are anything like me then you like to avoid clutter and love to be organized. Here are a few items that I hope will inspire you.
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  1. Nordstjerne Organizer found here (pssst… not only for pens but great for your makeup brushes too)2. Mind Design Charger shelf ( brilliant to store your phone charger ) found here
    umbra3. Square Magazine holder (for all of your RFD issues perhaps) found here


4. Umbra Shelf storage ( I would love this for my cookbooks in the kitchen)  found here  umbra_strum_shelf_copper_4      5. Globe Vase (for decorations or flowers) found here



6. Mette ditmer Glas ( for your pens and scissors ) found here



7.  Woud Organizer (for everything from A-Z ) found here