What I’m Craving Now: September

What I'm Craving Now: September

Can you believe it’s already fall? Of course “fall” is kind of a relative term here in Iceland. It’s more like—can you believe it’s already rainier, colder, and darker? Yes, it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the rays with beers on the balcony of Loft or the grasses of Secret Solstice. But yesterday I broke out my scarf for the first time and with that I knew summer was officially over.

So in honour of the beginning of not-summer, here are my cravings for September:

1. Nike Huarache Run Ultra Shoes

nike air huarache

I think I’m unhealthily obsessed with these shoes. I’ve tried them on about 8 times and have stopped people who are wearing them on the street to ask questions. They are without a doubt the best thing in the kicks-market right now. What would they not look good with? Seriously.

22.900 ISK, buy them at Nike.

2. Panda Panda Panda Hat by Manía

panda panda

Do you have broads in Atlanta? Do you…uh…does anyone know any of the other lyrics to that song? I don’t. Anyway, just look at that Panda. It’s wearing a gold chain! To be honest, I’m usually not too fond of “cute” clothing, but I’d make an exception for this. It’s nuanced but still childlike. You won’t look like you just left an anime convention. (Of course, no shame if you did!)

11.990, buy it at Manía.

3. Adidas Pharrell Williams Kauwela Sweatshirt


I’m all about athletic sweatshirts right now. Seriously, they are the easiest way to look put-together with the most minimal effort. Grab some jeans, sneakers, a sweatshirt, a cool hat and you’re set. I think the Adidas look is getting kind of played-out but this top keeps it new and interesting.

11.944 ISK, buy it at Adidas.

4. Alvia Icelandia “BubbleGum Bitch”


I first saw Alvia at Secret Solstice and was blown away. She was an A+ incredible rapper and has just released her first CD “Bubblegum Bitch”. But why should you invest in her album? One, she’s sponsored by HubbaBubba. Two, again, she’s amazing. Three, every time I see her she’s wearing the ASOS Fila jumpsuit I wanted to buy. Alvia—can I borrow it?

Buy the record in LUCKY RECORDS & Smekkleysa Plötubúð.

5. A Juicy Tracksuit

juicy tracksuits

I really hope I don’t get fired for this craving. I know it’s horrible. I know it’s tacky. I know it’s no longer 2003 and looks like this are not acceptable. Still, I recently rewatched an episode of “The Simple Life” and now I’m just dreaming of the early 2000s aesthetic. Tinted glasses, flat-ironed hair, and obviously, that iconic velour.

(I actually bought one back when I visited New York and have been trying to bring it back here—anyone want to join the Juicy-army?)

6. A Husky-Corgi Mixed Dog


Oh my god, look at how cute they are! Yes, I know, they are, without a doubt, the dumbest looking dogs ever. Look at that face though! From the moment I first laid eyes on them, my computer background has been on husky-corgi rotation and though I know having a dog in Reykjavík is a nightmare, I may be ready to take the plunge.

7. 66 North Jökla Parka


It’s getting cold in Reykjavík and I don’t have a winter coat. So yes, I am definitely craving this. Anyone have a hand-me-down?

1,095 Euros, buy it here.


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