Murder, she wrote – Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir

Murder, she wrote – Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir
FÓLK TÍSKA: Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir fatahönuður heldur námskeið fyrir krakka

Eygló Margrét, Fashion Designer

PHOTOS by Rafael Pinho

Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir, a designer from Kiosk, is releasing her next collection. The collection is inspired by the TV series ‘Murder, She Wrote’ which was a very popular ­ series in Iceland when she was a child. Knitted wool dresses with outlines of dead bodies, lazer-cut ultrasuede ­ fabric with weapon patterns and a Jessica Fletcher biker jacket are some of the pieces you can expect to find in the new ­ collection. Stop by her shop, ­ Kiosk at Laugavegur 65, to explore  what some of the best fashion designers in Reykja­vík have to offer.