GIVEAWAY: Viðja Jewelry

GIVEAWAY: Viðja Jewelry

If you follow us on Facebook (and you really should!) you’ll know that we’re currently doing a giveaway with Viðja jewelry. What’s Viðja jewelry? Well, it’s a new Icelandic jewelry brand designed and run by Þórhildur Þrándardóttir. She just started it this year. In Viðja, each unique piece is handmade using materials like sterling silver, 14 karat gold, freshwater pearls and mother of pearls.

“I like very minimalist style and form with clean lines.” Þórhildur tells me. “I started to make my own jewelry because I couldn’t find jewelry that i wanted to wear myself.” She’s currently in school to be a goldsmith. “Nobody was doing exactly what I wanted to buy.”

Viðja’s pieces are minimalist in the chicest way. They are statement pieces for sure, but they aren’t ostentatious or garish. Their beauty is nuanced, restrained, and oh so classy. You could easily transition them between a walk in the park and a cocktail party.

Þórhildur tells me she looks at the jewelry as an extension of her own style, which she describes as modern and sophisticated. “[Viðja] is a little casual and edgy.”

My favourite of their line? I’m obsessed with these shell and silver earrings. I would pair them with a silk camisole, black blazer, and distressed motorcycle boots. I’m totally with Þórhildur—casual and edgy is the best.

The Giveaway: 

Fancy some fabulous earrings—the ones in the above photo—for you and your friend?
Simply like our Facebook and Viðja jewelry and post a comment on our giveaway post to tell us which one of your friends you think deserves to win a pair.

Winners will be chosen next week!



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