Secret Solstice Day #3+4

Secret Solstice Day #3+4

Hey y’all! Sorry for the late update—post-Secret-Solstice-flu is definitely a real thing. I’ve been sleeping more than I thought was humanly possible.

This is going to be a short post as I had a little problem with my street style photos from Day 3 and Day 4. The day before Secret Solstice, I bought the new iPhone 6, which if you don’t know, has a feature called “Live Photos”. I put my new sim card in on the morning of Day 3 and got my new number—yahoo! Anyway, live photos are different from normal photos; they are essentially GIFs. The iPhone 6 also sets this as the default option. Why?! Who knows. Anyway, all the photos I took from that day were Live Photos, and there is no way to turn Live Photos into Normal Photos on your computer, so all my style photography from that day is completely useless. This is really upsetting but hey—I’m new to this and we live, we learn.

I’ll try to give you guys a little picture of the scene though.

Day #3:

The weather on Day #3 was awful. It was cold and rainy and therefore everyone was bundled up in their sweaters and raincoats, looking pretty miserable. I don’t own a raincoat so I wore my Schott leather jacket, which I’ve had for years and is perfectly aged. Underneath, I wore the Guess-A$AP Rocky collection crop top and high-waisted black flared pants from Topshop. I finished it off with some gold jewelry and Adidas Sam Smith sneakers. It was a good outfit but my leather jacket did not protect me from the rain or cold and I desperately wished for some real protection and warmth. I spent the next morning scoping out potential anoraks and lopapeysa.

Looking for a new raincoat? I’m obsessed with the ones from Reykjavík Raincoats. They’re sleek, classy and completely timeless. And of course, there’s no better place to buy your Icelandic sweater than at the Handknitting Organization. I’ll be sure to get one for next year.

Day #4:

My Look


Jacket – Juicy Couture. Sweatshirt – Calvin Klein. Jeans – J Brand. Shoes – Adidas SLVR. Bag – Louis Vuitton. Sunglasses – Prada.

Wearing white sneakers to a festival was not the best idea I’ve had but I washed them with some bleach and a toothbrush when I got home and now they look good as new! It did rain a little bit on Day #4 but my jacket survived it just fine. Again, next year I will definitely be equipped with a proper raincoat.

Most of my photos on Day #4 revolved around the amazing hair and makeup I saw at the festival. While Icelandic woman are notorious for their strong eyebrows, I saw people switching that up with colorful ones. Stuff like this. I was completely awed. I also love how Icelandic women have appropriated some hip-hop hair trends, like braids and bandanas. Just seeing all the women with cornrows and twists has definitely made me rethink the style for myself. Hey, I might do it.

Overall though, Solstice was a blast. Hope to see you guys there next year!