Secret Solstice Fashion Day #2

Secret Solstice Fashion Day #2

Though the forecast said rain yesterday, the weather ended up being perfect on the second day of the Secret Solstice festival. We were blessed with sun and fun and I had a blast. While watching acts like Lady Leshurr and Glacier Mafia, I danced up a storm, made even more new friends, and took a lot of street style photos for you guys! Yay!

For this post, I tried to get some photos of “weirder” festival looks. We got our fill of cool Reykjavík style yesterday so today, I tried to look around for people who were a little more alternative. Thankfully, Solstice didn’t disappoint. From ravers to metalheads, it feels like every group is represented at the festival. I just love doing style snaps—you never know what you are going to find!

My Look

I went for more athleisure today—what can I say? I’m super predictable. I brought two jackets, a furry one and a leather one, but the weather was so nice that I ended up just wearing my Adidas. What am I supposed to do tomorrow? I’ll keep you posted.


Dress – Bloomingdale’s. Jacket – Adidas. Bralette – Calvin Klein. Shoes – Nike. Bag – Louis Vuitton. Glasses – Prada.

Festival Fashion From Today


You know how sometimes you see people wear something and you think, I would never wear that but they rock it so hard. That’s how I felt when I saw these guys. A+ festival fashion!


If you can’t tell from the photo—this girl is wearing a sloth sweatshirt! Super cute and comfy.


When I walked up to this man to ask for a photo, his whole group started laughing. Apparently another person had just left them after asking for a picture with him. C’mon though, with a beard like that, who could resist?


Staff photo! This girl was working the bar in the VIP area. I loved her flash tatts and fringe.


I’m a sucker for acid-wash (it reminds me of my childhood). Thus I had to take these girls’ photo. Also, I’m totally digging that camo jacket.


I found this girl (she’s an actress, I think?) in the VIP area. We chatted for a bit and I was just completely in love with her whole aesthetic. If anyone knows who she is please hook us up!


These leggings are totally fire. I love them. High-waisted printed pants are the next big thing, trust me.


Perfect pastel pink hair! She looked like a mermaid in person. I felt blessed to have met her.


I wish I had a better photo of this group! But with the chunky shoes, hair buns, and fur, these guys kill it even in bad quality.

Favourite Look Of The Day


Favourite of the day was without a doubt Arnar from Úlfur Úlfur. Double denim is a double go in my book. Also, you know how I feel about Adidas…

Catch y’all at the festival today!