Secret Solstice Fashion Day #1

Secret Solstice Fashion Day #1

I was fortunate enough to spend yesterday at the Secret Solstice festival, where I saw old friends, made new friends, and enjoyed what little sun their was all while watching acts ranging from Sister Sledge to Gísli Pálmi. My favourite act of the day was without a doubt Shades of Reykjavík. Not only do I love their music (check out my favourite song here), but they’ve seriously got the best look of anyone at the show. Seriously, the boys have some nu-metal late 1990s style that is completely inimitable. Maybe I’ll do a post on them soon. Hmm…

In terms of festival-wear, athleisure was definitely the way to go. No matter where I walked, it seemed like everyone had at least one piece from brands like Stussy, Adidas, or Nike. While at festivals like Coachella or Bonnaroo, you’ll see girls walking around in high heels, here comfort was key, and you rarely saw anyone not wearing sneakers or Timbs. Bits of tasteful facepaint and face-jewels were also pretty popular, along with dark lipstick and hair buns. I have no idea how these Reykjavík girls manage to keep their makeup looking so perfect, but if anyone has any advice, defintiely leave a comment! Onto the fashion, though.

My Look

I opted to go with a short dress and sneaker wedges. It ended up being stylish and comfortable but I’m going to wear a few more layers today because it definitely got cold by 4 am! Show y’all a pic tomorrow.


Dress – Zara. Shoes – Nike. Hoodie – Lulu Lemon. Leather Jacket – Schott NYC. Hat – Chicago Bulls. Bag – Louis Vuitton.

My Favourite Looks From The Festival


I’m obsessed with this girls high-waisted lace pants! I’m pretty sure they are from Zara, but I didn’t get a chance to ask. Majorly flattering though!


These girls without a doubt had the best hair and makeup of the festival. It was photoshop perfect. I love how both of them are taking the Kylie Jenner aesthetic and making it their own. So excited to see them today!


These girls had the relaxed athleisure look down pat. If you can see close, the girl on the left also had killer nails. They were bright blue and stiletto. I loved it!


From braids to leather to ripped jeans to Doc Martens, I think this group epitomizes the young-101 look.


I loved how relaxed and natural this couple looked. (The guy only agreed to be photographed if he could continue his phone call!)


Another pants obsession here—look at those baggy jeans! A+ ladies.


And obviously there was one guy wearing a headpiece. I had to take a photo!

See you guys tomorrow with more snaps! And if you see me at the concert, come say hi and show me your favourite piece!