Icelandic Football Style

Icelandic Football Style

Last night, every Icelander in the world (ok 67%) celebrated as the national football team tied against heavyweights Portugal. I know what you’re thinking—a tie? Why are we so excited? Well, this is the first time Iceland has ever played in the Eurozone and—if you know nothing about football, like me—Portugal is a regular player in the contest and a MASSIVE heavyweight. Like these guys are essentially the best so really, this tie is an incredible feat. Áfram Ísland!

I watched the match at Ingólfstorg Square wearing an Icelandic flag and a smile. It was so exciting. I don’t know many football rules but that didn’t stop me from yelling and chanting with all the other fans. And apparently, according to the news and Cristiano Ronaldo (ew) himself, Icelanders celebrated in France after the match like no one’s business.

But I’m not a sports writer, I’m a fashion writer, and a straight female, and single, so I couldn’t help but notice how stylish these men were. From the hairstyles to the tattoos, this team made their uniforms enviable, and I (this is 100% serious) promptly bought an Icelandic jersey the moment they won. For all the football players reading this—did I mention I’m single?

So here you go: a silly celebration of our beautiful team.

The Rugged Gentleman: Aron Gunnarsson

Aron Gunnarsson

Captain Aron Gunnarsson was, without a doubt, the star of the game. Just check out this picture, courtesy of the Reykjavík Grapevine. While Ronaldo came off as pompous and childish, Aron was the pinnacle of maturity and grace. This was epitomized when at the end of the game, Aron went to shake Ronaldo’s hand—which I’m told is per normal for football matches—and Ronaldo promptly ignored the gesture and walked away. Aron awkwardly pursued the Portuguese star until finally, Ronaldo momentarily touched Aron’s hand without making eye contact. Rude!

But enough about jerky Ronaldo, let’s talk about Aron. Look at that beard! Look at those tattoos! Look at that smile! He’s got the sweet-lumberjack look down pat. I imagine his idea of a perfect date would be a walk through the woods and a cold beer—I’m visioning Einstök Pale Ale.

Interested in getting Gunnarsson’s look? Check out our article on the Icelandic Tattoo Convention for some ink-spiration. Then throw out your razor and buy some beard oil—Vikingr is an Icelandic brand. Still not ready to take that rugged plunge? Check out this Beards of Iceland tumblr to get your fix.

The Viking: Birkir Bjarnason

Birkir Bjarnason

Birkir Bjarnason scored our only goal on Portugal. Where I was watching, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much screaming—save for when I went to a One Direction concert. The moment will be, without a doubt, regarded as one of the most important times in Icelandic football history. Make sure you write down where you were. Never forget it!

Check out the goal below:

But as for Birkir—I think it’s important to note that his nickname is Thor. Thor! I mean it’s obvious, right? The resemblance is uncanny. With that flowing hair, he could easily be the star of a Marvel movie. Maybe if the Trapped creators are looking for a new project—Icelandic remake?

Getting Birkir’s style requires some maintenance though. Want killer blonde locks? I’d recommend John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde collection. Get it at duty free for the best price. Then get that effortless tousled look with some sea salt spray. Check out this tutorial from Fudge Urban.

The next Iceland game will be against Hungary on Saturday, June 18th. If you’re not at Secret Solstice—and you know I’ll be—make sure to paint your face, wear your jersey, and go wild!


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