Smelling The Roses At FM Iceland

Smelling The Roses At FM Iceland

After choosing a new route today—so exciting, I know—to walk from my Reynimelur apartment to Stofan, I happened to pass by a store I hadn’t seen before called FM Iceland, and intrigued by the beautiful bottles of perfume in the windows and large posters of beautifully made-up ladies, I decided to check it out.

FM Iceland - Hannah Jane Cohen

While FM Iceland has been in the country for some time, this shop had only been in this location for 2 weeks (!!). For reference, it’s right around the corner from Stofan. Sjörn, the shopgirl, explained to me that FM Iceland has the strongest perfumes in Iceland. Their scents go up to 30% aromatic compound, while in comparison, eu de toilettes are usually around 8-12%. This stronger percentile means that the smell lasts longer on the skin, and as someone who carries their perfume in their purse (I’m a total scent junkie), this definitely appealed to me. I was so excited to try out some new flavours.

The perfumes here aren’t named with typical names (like J’Adore Dior or Euphoria) but rather have numbers. This is typical of perfumeries though, as Sjörn tells me. I’ve only ever bought perfume off the rack (you know, from Bloomingdale’s or duty free) but the idea of buying perfume with numbers felt kind of like buying modern art, you know? It’s all “Untitled #38,” or “Anonymous #8,” super chic!

Excited to start sniffing, I asked Sjörn for the most popular perfume in Iceland. She immediately pointed me to #20, which was actually sold out.

FM Iceland - Hannah Jane Cohen

Sorry for the blurry picture! Anyway, it was easy to understand why #20 was the most popular. It’s luxurious—floral, a little bit sweet, but with a tangy after-smell. I could totally see a young working woman wearing it. The scent wasn’t overly-powerful, but it was still beautiful.

After smelling the most popular, I next asked what perfume Sjörn wore—I mean she works at a perfume store! She lead me instantly to one titled FM By Federico Mahera. She’s been wearing it for a few years, she told me. When I first smelt it, to be honest, I couldn’t smell much, but after a few more tastes, I totally understood why she loved it so much. It was understated, but still seductive and powerful. It didn’t overwhelm you but still had a quiet confidence. I approve!

Then I started to sniff myself. I was instantly attracted to #18, which was pink (it’s photographed above.) #18 was floral, girly—everything I love—but still sophisticated. I love sweet flowery scents but I hate when they smell sugary—like something from Victoria’s Secret. It feels too young for me. This, on the other hand, felt feminine but mature. It reminded me a lot of one of my favourite perfumes, Emilie by Fragonard, for reference.

Obviously, I had to take a selfie with it—because I am so mature!

FM Iceland - Hannah Jane Cohen

I don’t look too excited but I swear I was!

As I considered buying it, the owner, Slawomir, told me that they have a perfume club where you get 50% off all your perfumes. Sign me up!

I can’t help but also note that the store itself is gorgeous—perfume bottles and makeup everywhere. It’s every beauty queen’s fantasy. I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.


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