Catherine Côté And Her World Of Rainbow Nails

Catherine Côté And Her World Of Rainbow Nails

Catherine Côté came to Iceland from Montreal four years ago. A 3D custom nail artist, she works out of her Skeggjagata studio, Rainbow Nails, catering to the elite of Reykjavík nail-enthusiasts. Hoping to get something spectacular to decorate your fingers? Catherine has done nails covering everything from galaxies to Icelandic runes, but she’s always up for something new. We at RFD particularly like her geometric-style talons, like the one pictured above. While still being an exciting conversation piece, they are also understated and appropriate for the workday. Hey—it’s pretty hard to type with stiletto acrylics (as any girly-girl knows.)

But Catherine’s style goes beyond just nails. The lady has waist length hair that is constantly changing colours. I’ve seen it black, emerald green, mermaid-scale blue, streaked with yellow, and many more. She also has a wardrobe that is to die for. When I first met her, she was wearing a dress decorated with Flintstone-esque bones, and I’ve since seen her in multiple pairs of Black Milk leggings and those iconic Irregular Choice light up trainers. She’s both bold with her clothes and her choice of lipstick. While Kylie Jenner might be all about brown pouts and lipliner, Catherine picks bright shades like banana-yellow and green. It’ll make you want to throw away all your pinks and reds and chose something a little more eye-catching. At least, that’s how I felt.

It was almost impossible for us at RFD to chose a small selection of Catherine’s nails to show—they were all so amazing! We therefore just decided to create an obscenely large gallery for you to check out. Inspirational, much?


On a personal note, I (Hannah Jane, nice to meet you!) met Catherine last summer and have gotten my nails done by her 4 times since then. I’ve gotten everything from my initials with jewels to a photorealistic painting of a metal band for Eistnaflug—that was a big hit. As you can tell by my writing above, I’m a big fan of hers.

All of my manicures with Catherine have lasted around 4 hours (I know!) but she makes the time fly. Catherine is the nicest girl in the world and will chat about everything from how to get perfectly winged eyeliner to whatever show she’s currently watching on Netflix. I currently don’t have any appointments booked by her, but hey, who knows? Pencil me in, s’il te plaît.

Sorry to disappoint any readers, but Catherine currently isn’t taking any new clients. Still interested? Check her Facebook page and Instagram for updates! 


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