National Gallery of Iceland – January 15th to May 1st 2016

The National Gallery of Iceland kickstarts its exhibition programme with ‘Quartet’, an exhibition that incorporates the work of four contemporary artists: Gauthier Hubert, Chantal Joffe, Jockum Nordström, and Tumi Magnússon. While all of the works touch on the human being in and of itself, each one takes its own unique approach, exploring art, its history, and its makers from various viewpoints. Because the artists use different historical points of departure, ‘Quartet’ not only investigates humanity, but the ways artists have investigated it in the past as well.

rfd_innsidur6_29feb1_Page_042_Image_0002Established in 1884, the National Gallery of Iceland collects, conserves, researches, presents, and provides education about both Icelandic and international art. The gallery’s collection mainly consists of pieces from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Many of these pieces embody various landmarks in Icelandic art history, giving the museum a strong role in representing the movement of Icelandic art over the years. In addition to its educational and conservational roles, the gallery also holds exhibitions by Icelandic and foreign artists in its four exhibition rooms. One of these rooms, the Vasulka Chamber, is dedicated to video and electronic art. Alongside these rooms sits a gallery café and a bookshop that sells pieces of design and giftware. With its extensive and varied collection of both Icelandic and international art, the National Gallery has become one of the most prominent art forums in Iceland. It’s the place to go to see a bit of a history, and to catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the art world.