Be one step ahead of the weather

Be one step ahead of the weather

Weather in Iceland can be rough, but we got you covered.

Glacier hike or just a walk downtown – here are three high-quality overcoats designed for the famous Icelandic weather.




The Icelandic Winter brings a whole host of challenges, from slippery sidewalks to sub-zero temperatures But you can knock off that wind chill (and indulge in some much-needed retail therapy) with the Jökla parka from 66° North. Made with high-quality German goose down and taped waterproof seams, the Jökla will keep you cozy even in the most serious winter conditions. Go for a glacier hike or just a hike downtown—this coat’s got you covered. And with a detachable fox-fur collar, it’s all the luxury you need to feel—not act—like an ice queen.



Gjóla , which means “felted” is a jacket made from 100% Icelandic wool. This is a super-cozy jacket to wrap around you when snuggling on the sofa. Varma, the company that produces the jacket, is in close contact with Icelandic farmers all around the country, and all their products are produced locally. This is as close to an Icelandic product as you can get.




Dreading those clouds in the sky? Not anymore! We know being fashion-forward in the rain is always tricky, but fortunately Reykjavík Raincoats has the solution. The new brand’s stylish toppers, which are designed in Reykjavík and handmade in Europe, are slick but powerful, with an ageless beauty to them. Inspired by 1970s fisherman-style coats, these rubberized-cotton jackets have double-stitched seams and are sealed on the inside on the inside, so you’ll be protected no matter what. So dance in the drizzle. Sing in the rain. Reykjavík Raincoats will get you begging for a downpour.